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How to Prevent Eczema Flare-Ups

Eczema is a common skin condition that leads to red, swollen and irritated skin. If you experience eczema, you know that a flare up can hamper your clear, healthy complexion in an instant. But, thankfully, flare-up prevention is totally possible with just a few lifestyle strategies. 

Learn all about eczema flare-up prevention below!

What Causes Eczema?

There isn’t one concrete cause of eczema. This skin condition can be spurred for all types of reasons, but some of the main risk factors include:

  • Extreme hot or cold
  • Irritating skincare products
  • The common cold
  • High stress levels
  • Rough fabrics
  • Allergens such as pet dander

Preventing Eczema Flare-Ups

If you struggle with eczema, a smooth complexion is still well within your reach. Check out our top tips for curbing eczema flare-ups:

Ditch Harsh Ingredients

Perhaps the most important strategy for preventing eczema flare-ups is avoiding harsh soaps, cleansers, and detergents. Products with chemicals and artificial ingredients are irritants that can trigger eczema, especially in those of us with sensitive skin. Opt instead for natural, vegan skincare products with gentle ingredients like chamomile, jojoba, and cucumber. 

Moisturise Consistently

Eczema can happen when your skin has trouble retaining moisture. This leads to excess dryness, redness, and often itching. So, a regular moisturising regimen can help curb eczema flare-ups for healthier skin. 

We recommend moisturising after every time you wash your face. In addition to a gentle moisturiser, use a deep-hydrating serum at night for an added boost of moisture. 

Practice Stress Management

The connection between stress and the health of your skin is stronger than you might think. While stress can’t trigger eczema on its own, it can exacerbate the condition. So, stress management can help you keep eczema symptoms at bay for smooth, healthy skin. 

Here are our favourite stress management strategies that you can try today:


Meditation is a stress-relief tactic that’s effective in both the short and the long term. Through consistent meditation, you can quiet your mind, relieve tension in the body, and prevent physical symptoms of chronic stress.

There’s no one way to meditate, and it’s important to find a strategy that works for you. A great way to start is to spend a little time each day just focusing on your breath. This will help you practice mindfulness and feel rooted in the moment.

Talk To a Loved One

Talking out your feelings with someone that you trust can provide instant tension relief. When you talk through an issue aloud, it can bring you clarity and peace. Plus, your friend’s take on the problem at hand can provide a valuable perspective that you may not had considered. Your loved one’s support and insight could be just what you need to relax and move forward. 

Healthy Eating

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet can help you manage stress over time. Foods that are high in refined sugar and fats spike your blood sugar, making it likely that you’ll experience a crash. During that crash, you’re more likely to feel stressed out. 

If you have a sweet tooth (like us!), you can still reach for your favourite treat every once in awhile. Just make sure that it’s in moderation!

Relief from eczema flare-ups is possible when you take care of your body and mind. By keeping up your overall wellness, you can enjoy healthier skin!

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