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I have a confession.

I'm a pharmacist who prefers to avoid using cortisones on my skin. Of course it was convenient using them and results were quick but i just wanted to break that vicious cycle of the flare ups. This led me on a journey to try out countless products, patch test ingredients, and on a mission to find a viable, natural long-term alternative. 

After months of research (and coffee!), I began formulating products from the comfort of my home. Using my cream mixing skills developed over the years as a pharmacist, I made a few (ok, it was actually alot!) batches of creams for friends, family and even patients of mine who were super keen on trying something that might be "the one" for their skin. This whole process of trial and error took months!

My original purpose was to create a natural product that could be used daily to strengthen my skin and minimise the need for corticosteroid creams. In essence, I needed something for my own eczema but this quickly grew into a bigger vision as so many people and patients started expressing a common interest in plant-based skincare alternatives. They all loved the results that they were seeing from these natural products, and never looked back! 

So my journey evolved into making these products accessible to all. A passion to bring you products which are ethically made, using the finest plant-based ingredients right here in Australia.

These products have made their way into selected pharmacies in Melbourne and online. Alternatively, shop the full range from the comfort of your home, right here, right now. 


- Amanda
Pharmacist | Founder of SKIN FRUIT




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